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Thread: How To Properly Set Up Your Home Studio. A Complete Beginners Guide.

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    How To Properly Set Up Your Home Studio. A Complete Beginners Guide.

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    The video below was made due to all the information floating around the www, concerning what you need to do to set up your home studio. While there is good solid advice on this subject, there is also much that should be ignored. It is very common to have someone join a community, to find out how they can improve their situation, after they have already thrown their money down the rabbit hole. (Wasted). I have done my best to leave my own opinion out of it, but it is hard to do when you are the one making it.

    The most important thing to understand is "Room Modes". This must be your FIRST STEP in properly setting up your studio for mixing and mastering. Very few home studios will meet these requirements and spending thousands of dollars, will not get you to a professional level.

    Room modes are the collection of resonances that exist in a room when the room is excited by an acoustic source such as a loudspeaker. ... These resonances affect the low-frequency low-mid-frequency response of a sound system in the room and are one of the biggest obstacles to accurate sound reproduction.

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