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Ok Dave......if I find some time in this holiday week I’ll give it a try. Not sure how to do that because I’ll be using my AI to play the wav so I really can’t record the result on my daw. Also not sure what you’re getting at. I do hear discernible audio differences from the outputs. I guess you’re thinking I don’t and somehow a frequency graph will prove me wrong. If it proves me right...then we’re back at square one......with my original question asking what the possible reasons could be.
No offence meant, just a search for information. I do not question your findings but the fact is you get all sorts of claims on forums. "night and day" results from 'NOS' or 'Cryo' valves. What we never get is hard facts such as voltage tables or even recordings.

You have discovered an anomaly, such things abound in the audio world but the ONLY way to hope to find an explanation is to "science the ***t out of it" The more data we can assemble the better the chance of coming to an understanding. We might never do that but without such data we don't stand a h in h.

You could put a track as a .wav on a phone and play that in. The headphone output is not too foul if you keep to -10dBV levels.