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Thread: Gear Shoot Out site

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    Gear Shoot Out site

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    Hey all,

    So my friends and I had too much time on our hands, needed a hobby and made a gear shoot out site called* that hopefully you'll find interesting and useful.

    We found that often in gear based forum discussions we wanted to quickly be able to hear or reminded what a piece of gear sounded like (especially when people said it sounded 'tight' or 'soft' etc) so this is the result .

    We've uploaded a couple of hundred pieces of gear and plugins so far into it that you can select and shoot out in real time...

    If you want to shoot out various types of gear check out the links below. Load up your own gear, or choose a preset.
    Effects (like Reverbs, Distortions, Choruses, Stereo Wideners etc)

    Any requests that you might want us to upload that you were wondering what they sound like let us know and we can see about tracking them down and adding it to the resource.

    The site also handily doubles as an excuse for a drinking game with friends (e.g. pick the real API550A vs the UAD or Waves plugin)).


    * was handily parked by someone...still, fewer letters to type is a good thing apparently.

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    I could not make the clips play. Sometimes there was visual activity to the left of the clip name when playing the clips but nothing came from my speakers.

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