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Thread: Focusrite 8i6 routing software

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    Focusrite 8i6 routing software

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    I had decide to replace my beloved NI KA6 for an old S/H 8i6 in my 'dubbing suite' after reading that the control panel had a 'loop back' facility.

    For the benefit of some, "loop back" performs the function now sadly lacking/disabled in many computers whereby any sound running through the machine, YT or in my case, BBC radio of recording said sounds.

    It has taken me 3 days on and off and maybe 5 hours of screen squinting and cursing to set this up but I doned it! At one point I could get a signal into the DAW but no sound out of monitors or vikky verkky but eventually I cracked it.

    NOW! I do NOT claim to be any kind of expert on this routing system but I have saved the configuration and taken a screen shot of the control panel, happy to post that for anyone interested. I now intend to get even deeper in my grokking of the system.

    Further information has emerged! A guy on soundonsound forum said "Why don't you just use Audacity?" I had not considered it because this Lenovo has no audio input but I did try it and WAHHEY!! It works a treat. The attachment shows the setup from 'Preferences' and if the box 'Software playthrough of input' is ticked in 'Record' untick it otherwise the system goes into an ape''t howlround.

    You can also set for mono or stereo and 24 or 16 bits. I have it set for the latter, no point in better fro Radio 3 over the net and certainly not for YT!

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