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Thread: Blown Recording amp/circuit on a Yamaha MT8X. Help please

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    Blown Recording amp/circuit on a Yamaha MT8X. Help please

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    I have a Yamaha MT8X that the recording circuit/amplifier was blown by someone I was helping with a project a number of years ago. While I left the room for a minute they tried to "help" and hook things up and fried the 1st track circuit They have been reprimanded for the incident. Track 1 plays but it doesn't record. About 4 years ago I had a video saved that told exactly how to repair it, by locating a spare ic chip and placing it in the appropriate place. The video is gone now, I waited too long. Does anyone know of a repair video or any other instructional information available? Help would be extremely appreciated. Thanks.

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    If you don't have the service manual, I found it and put it up on my Google drive.... - Google Drive

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