Hi all

I've been using CEP and now AA 1.5 ever since, so I am not new to the software. However, what is happening more frequently, is that audio disappears, literally, when trying to save a previously recorded file.

I do a lot of recordings and save it. When ready to edit (sometimes up to a year later) I do some noise removal, copy a section, paste it to a new file and save it. On first saving it, it flushes before actually saving. I have always had the habit of saving via the keyboard (CTRL S) - office documents, audio files, everything. Without realising it, I hit space to play and while playing back I save via the keyboard. it is then when it flushes and sometimes deletes all audio. I can still see the waveform, but NO audio. When checking frequency analasys or histogram, nothing appears. There is literally no audio.

Please help! I am up in arms with having to edit these files again as some of them are up to twenty minutes long and takes more than a day.