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Thread: Active monitor reliablity

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    I wonder if most new actives will switch to the "Class D amps" ?
    supposedly less heat, no heat sinks needed etc.
    Bass player in my sons band got a new Fender Bass amp , class D and the combo weighs next to nothing...but pretty damn loud.
    Same with their Active PA speakers using Class D amps, light as the speaker.

    Would the power supply have less heat and work to do on Class D?

    The OP might be a overload switch gone bad is all, for a $36 speaker I'd tear into it and look, maybe jumper it out.

    if it's not happening in the room, it ain't gonna happen on tape.-H.Gerst

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    Class D amplification is actually only slightly more efficient than class B* The real efficiency and especially weight saving comes in the use of Switch Mode Power Supplies. The problem with both technologies is that they are buggers to get repaired. SMPSUs especially can be uber reliable, e.g. PC supplies but if they do fail their repair is often beyond local techs or/and the components difficult to source. The very best solution is a form of "service repalcement" whereby the mnfctr makes a complete supply, PA or even an integrated whole, available to local techs and then services the failed unit and returns it to stock. This is a service model the car industry adopts in many cases. Alternators for instance are stripped, cleaned and new bearings fitted or maybe a DC control/rect pack changed. Gearboxes often only need a couple of bearings or a gear with a chipped tooth but are too complex and in need of specialist tools and skills not found with the local mech'.

    *Not "AB" but that is a whole other discussion!


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    My Genelecs have been 'on' since 2004. Never a single thing wrong. Lot's of signal time. My Neumann's have been 'on' since 2013. They work perfectly. I think the incident rate goes way down as the price of admission goes up.
    Chord with this, Teddy......

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