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Thread: Ableton Stereo balance in sampler

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    Ableton Stereo balance in sampler

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    Hey everyone,

    I've been browsing on the web for an answer to this but haven't found anything as of yet!

    My question is pretty straightforward. I found a great organ sample that I dropped in Ableton's sampler to mess around with. Problem is it is a stereo sample and is slightly out of balance towards the right channel. Is there any way to adjust relative channel levels directly through Ableton's sampler (without actually splitting the channels on separate audio tracks and then rebouncing it as a stereo sample)?

    Could definitely do that but was wondering if I could improve my workflow with a tip for future use



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    Don't know about Ableton capabilities...someone else might have that info...but be sure that you actually need to "rebalance" the stereo image, as often with stereo tracks, there doesn't necessarily have to be a dead-center element in the stereo source to sort of create a perfect L/R balance.

    IOW...if you take a synth stereo patch...there will be differences in the L/R balance...which is what gives the stereo image that feeling of width and space.
    Of course, if you say...have a lead guitar that was recorded in stereo...but is leaning to one side and you want the primary signal dead-center...then just adjust the L/R levels to taste.

    I would think you could do that with the Ableton sample. I ancient sampler had some edit modes that allowed you to dig in I would think modern apps would too.

    Any info in the Ableton manual...?

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