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Thread: 7 Laws of Borrowing Gear

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    7 Laws of Borrowing Gear

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    From - not bad, and some humorous writing.

    The 7 Laws of Borrowing Gear From Other Musicians | Reverb News

    P.S. Anyone have a Dumble I could borrow?
    "... I know in the mornin' that it's gonna be good
    when I stick out my elbows and they don't bump wood." - Bill Kirchen

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    Back in my band days, I use to occasionally help out some local band if they needed a piece of gear in a hurry...bands that I knew and who we shared gigs with, etc...but I don't lend any of my studio stuff.
    I may give something away that I no longer need...but the good stuff stays with me. It would have to be a very close friend, and even then, you can sometimes risk the friendship. I mean, a very good friend would borrow and then cover anything that happened while in their possession...but you know how that can go very often, and then you end up with bad feelings and all that.

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