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Thread: Starting over advice - studio set-up

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    Starting over advice - studio set-up

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    Hi team, I'm planning to resume home-recording and would love your perspective. I've always been a bit of a lazy producer, and badically used Fruity Loops to sequence samples that I recorded on SoundForge i.e. guitar etc i.e didnt even use tracks.
    I want to set up a new studio and would love yr recommendations on software and hardware with minimal learning curves, for Window: a recording and production program that allows for sequencing and track-based production that is really basic (more basic than FL or Ableton?); software for recording separately from the production software; a vocal VST with great presets for making vocals sound great and integrated. I basically plan to program bass, record my guitar, sample drums, record vocals. I want like an 8 or 16 track recorder that I can also do sequencing with .... thoughts?

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    Some say Reaper is as easy as turning on a tap.
    Advice-put a little extra effort and thought into full range accurate monitoring speakers.


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    Ableton is not simple. I have used it for over 5 years now, and I know it. But it is built for more reasons than just recording.

    Reaper has a learning curve (all good ones do), but the price is right and there is plenty of help. With today' DAW, you have more power at your finder tips so, it will probably never be like a simple 8 track recorder. But you can start there and just bring up the software, know how to add a track and work the faders for a master mix. Export the song out. But, I can tell you now, you will not be happy with the results.

    Why you ask. First thing you will say is, it is too low. Not like what I hear on the radio, streaming etc. So you will want to know how to push up the volume to seem like a pro song. Then you are going to start saying, why is my mix so dull, why this and why that. You get the point.

    Get a decent computer i5 or above for Windows, 16 GB RAM and 512 SSD and that part you will be good (I am sure those specs would work with Mac OS). Fine an interface (or do the interface first to make sure your computer has the correct connection), most are USB 2.0 and do fine for 99.9% of most home recorders needs. I would make sure it has phantom power, most do, but make sure) Determine your inputs, single, need a group, drums (drums usually require 5+. many would argue that and they are correct, but you can do it with 5 some even less). Make sure the USB output matches the input. There are many mixers out there that will let you have many inputs, but send through USB only 2 channels, just watch it. Get your mics sorted out, line ins then you have your hardware pretty much set up.

    Determine if you want old school MIDI din connection or if you are going to use USB MIDI. Also, your interface needs to be plugged straight into the computer or else you will get lag. I don't know if that still holds true with USB 3.0 or the other new ones.

    Then your DAW, Reaper has a very generous try before you buy. Actually, it never makes you buy it, just nags/guilt's you into it with a screen at start up. But it is always 100% usable. But search around. Also look at what plugins come bundled with the DAW. You could save money, but Reaper starts you out with the basics. When ready for more, Waves and others have bundles that give you a good start. But you don't need them at first until you want to grow your sound.

    This is basic and others will add. But this will get you started without any major mistakes. As for microphones, that is like chasing a unicorn. Just hard to find that one, so that is more of an adventure/journey.

    Then room treatment, monitors, etc. But that can come later as you get more into it.
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