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Thread: Signal flow help

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    Signal flow help

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    Hello group,

    Let me preface this by saying everything I know about recording is 30 years old and I have been out of the business for 25 years. Call it a mid-life crisis or old guy catching a bug but I decided I wanted to build a 16 track studio old school. I am lost on the signal flow from the mixer (Eurodesk MX2442A) to the TASCAM MSR-16. I know I have to us the inserts but and the Eurodesk has a great doc about the versatility of the Insert but I can't wrap my head around it. I can't seem to get good volume from tape after I record but trying a balance to unbalance cable recommended by the manual to make a direct out isn't working either. Any help would be appreciated

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    An MX2442A isn't likely to be a good match for a 16-track recorder. It's a live sound mixer. The inserts are intended primarily for using compressors (or other serial effects) on individual channels.

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