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Thread: Re-configuring small home studio. The dreaded interface discussion

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    Re-configuring small home studio. The dreaded interface discussion

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    Hi all, first post on the forums!

    So over the last few years, I've sold off pieces of gear, as I've been more and more involved with work, and less with music. Recently I started recording again, and found myself kinda limited.

    Right now I have a Lynxtwo-A PCI card, with a Dangerous D-box. For pre amps, I have a lunchbox unti with a Neve 517 preamps and 2 Neve 543 comps .

    My issue is I have to record drums, but don't have the money to but a Lynx Aurora 8 (One of the casualties of my downsizing) and 8 great preamps.

    So in a perfect world, I would want to be able to use my d-box summing, and track drums, without losing the great ad/da I've had since I've owned Lynx products (over a decade).

    I recently used a 2nd gen Focusrite 18i20, and found it pretty awesome. I also already have a UAD quad card, so I don't really care for an Apollo interface. What interface under lets say 1.5k tackles these issues?


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    Personally I'd separate the A/D and the interface. If I was buying something today I'd go for an RME Digiface USB interface with an Audient ASP880 preamp/A-D convertor. The Audient's convertors are very good and you can feed them directly without going through the mic preamp for well controlled line level sources. The preamps are clean and quiet and you can tell that they've been designed for professional use with easily visible controls and sensible markings. If you want an internal interface then substitute the RME Raydat for the Digiface USB.

    The only extra that you might need is an external D/A convertor if you don't have enough channels in the D-box as the Audient is an input only device.
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