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Thread: Planning to build a studio, need opinions.

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    Planning to build a studio, need opinions.

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    Hello all,

    I have recently considered building a recording studio in my basement.

    The room size for the live room is 11x15. My plan is to insulate using Rockwool, (all four walls, and ceiling) followed by installing resilient channel. I am operating on a tight budget so I am considering using standard 1/2 drywall, mounted to the resilient channel (obviously). I'm planning on using carpet tiles for the floor to help with absorption. I plan to leave a 1/4 inch gap between the ceiling and floor drywall to fill with acoustic sealant.

    I wanted to have a window between the live room and control room, however I can forego this if it will cause a drastic drop in quality. I plan to get a solid core exterior door and frame for the door between the live and control room.

    More than anything I wanted to get some feedback on the materials I am planning on using and potentially any tips for a first time builder. I am trying to get this all done for less than $2,000 in materials. (some of the items such as the door I plan on sourcing used.)

    Thanks for your reading and opinions.

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    What is the purpose of your recording space - to record others? What type of music? An 11'x15' space is fairly small once you get a bunch of gear in there. You mention a 'control room' but not how much space you have for it.
    Are the walls and ceiling currently open studs so you can use rockwool in the cavities? Are you worried about sound getting in or sounding getting out?
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