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Thread: Next to wall desk in bedroom studio

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    Next to wall desk in bedroom studio

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    Hi, I ve been using this room for a while now and started to think whether small acoustic adjustments would make a significant difference. Basically the desk has to be next to the wall * in the corner *, which might result in one sided reflections. Would you recommend getting a side wall acoustic foam, maybe a corner bass trap or a curtain behind the chair?
    Thanks for your time and advice !

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    NOT ACOUSTIC FOAM! It does not absorb the lows, which you have to be concerned with in that position. No way to move the desk to face that wall, centered on it? You would need to put 2-4" thick rockwool panels on that wall (and more in the corner) to overcome the issues. I'm sure if you move your head around while playing music you can hear the change in sound - that's all from reflections.
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    Any hard reflections -walls, screens too, the nearer they are the stronger they are relatively. These would be direct reflections which 'smear the source in time, and add out of phase peaks and dips. (Consider how 'phasers and flangers do their thing, although in this case being so close in, mostly in the top end..)
    This would be in addition but a bit different from what ever rooms resonances bass traps try to address.
    I'd guess you'd want to treat most of that corner especially with regard to you right ear there. A couple inches of fiber to start.
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