Today was a milestone day... ...the contractor and I got all the paper work submitted for the town ZBA to review, and to get on their schedule so I can go before them and plead my variance case...which should be on the 25th of this month, if all the paperwork is in order, which it was...and the clerk said she would call me if they needed anything else, so I don't expect any additional delay.

If we get on the schedule for the 25th...and even if they make me come back a second time with more info or whatever...things look good for breaking ground by the end of August...assuming my variance request is approved, but based on what the contractor is telling me and his past experience with this kind of stuff, he doesn't see that there is a justifiable reason for them to deny the variance.

We'll see.
I told the contractor I won't celebrate until I see him on an excavator in my back yard picking up the first scoop of dirt.