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Thread: New Studio/Music Room

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    New Studio/Music Room

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    I'd been talking for years about moving from my house in the country with the custom built studio--and it finally happened. It actually happened over six months ago. I was depressed over the loss of the old studio, so I've been dragging my feet on setting up the new one. (And the new one is not custom built--it's a fairly good sized room on the third floor of a 112 year old Victorian with lots of weird angles and plaster and masonry. Everything is a challenge compared to the old one.)

    Anyway, I'm over the funk and ready to write, play and record again, so I'm getting busy. Since it's so much smaller than the old studio, I had to find a way to handle my guitars in less space. I love this wall slat from Daimondlife--I got half of my guitars up on one small wall.

    Here's the start of the new place:


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    I used the same approach for my guitars...though I just put up a 1" x 4" piece of poplar on the wall, and then use the StingSwing 30 degree hangers, which allowed me to space them/turn them any way I wanted. It's great having all the guitars up and out of the way...yet very accessible.

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    Well obviously you have too many guitars and need to send some to me!
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