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Thread: new studio advice

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    new studio advice

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    Hey, this is my first post and I was looking for some advice. I'm a musician that has just landed a job doing youth work in Glasgow. We've been awarded money from children in need to build a small project studio and have located premises. The only problem being it is only one room roughly 30ft x 30ft.
    I am using one corner to build a booth to house the computer and moniters etc and was considering to build at least one other for vocals. I doubt I will ever record a whole band live as I would prfer to mutitrack most of the sessions.

    Any advice would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

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    Check this out.
    Read the sections on construction carefully. It'll provide a lot of guidance on how to lay out and build your space.
    As far as equipment goes, search this site and you'll finds TONS of info on sound cards, software, stand alone type reorders, etc. Get some ideas before you spend any money.

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