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Thread: Monitor height to head and ears

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    Monitor height to head and ears

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    I have two options at the moment for placing my new monitors. I already know about the equilateral triangle arrangement i.e. speakers as far apart as your position from the speakers but what about what vertical plane should they be at.

    my desk hutch is the most likely place I'd be putting the monitors, they would be 54" (137cm) from the floor and about 12" (30cm) above my seating position. Should they be on the same plane as my head/ears ~ 46" (117 cm) from the floor?

    The other option is far less tenable due to the length of cabling I would need to put the monitors behind me, and at a greater height off the floor 57" (144 cm)

    If the speakers should be on the same plane as my head, should my ears be in line with the high frequency tweeter, the woofer, or a spot in between them?

    Sorry about the noobish sounding question, google kept directing me to in-ear monitors

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    If they are 2-way speakers with a HF driver and a speaker want the center point between them to be at your seated ear height.
    That is the best option. If they are 3-way...between the HF and MID drivers.
    Some people have them up higher, and then angled down, but I don't care for that approach.

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