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thanks, I'm going to watch that a couple more times.

The one thing I'm trying to visualize is the 'firing down the long wall' when talking about monitors and how it would apply to an irregularly shaped room like my bedroom. Mo' Research is my new innerwebs handle, yo.
The position of your monitors with respect to the room shape is all part of trying to insure you are only hearing the monitors when sitting at that point of the equilateral that includes the 2 speakers.

If your room's side walls are treated so that "early reflection" are effectively reduced, the back wall needs to be as far as possible so reflections from that surface have far enough to travel that they'll have reduced in energy enough to not interfere (even if the back wall is untreated). If the side walls are not treated, then he says you want to change the desk position so they are what is farthest, because those early reflection points are going to contribute the most interference to the direct sound.