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How do you get to the acoustic guitars on the back of that hanging rack? With no treatment in that area, there's bound to be a lot of bass reflection build-up.
I don't play acoustic very often, and when I do, it's usually just to record something. It's just a matter of removing one or 2 of the electrics in front to gain access. And yes, this room is not properly treated, but I do the best I can. I have 6 different reference monitors I can use:
- KRK6
- Mackie CR3
- Sony Headphones via separate amp
- Sony ear buds via AI
- Sony micro system with 3 inch drivers
- my wifes, mid level quality PC speakers in her office downstairs.

i have an A/B/C/D box to switch between KRK - Mackie - Sony Headphones - Sony micro system

I know my room. I know all my reference monitors. I don't even bother listening in my car anymore.

I've been thinking about ripping out my studio and starting again with a whole new home built desk and racks. If I do this, I will treat the room. I have lots of 90's and 2000's outboard gear that I don't use anymore. It's time to hose down and start again.