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Thread: Latest tips for my Studio

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    Latest tips for my Studio

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    I exceptionally leave this message because drummer from France I can hardly find advice for my sound insulation project. I intend to order the products below and do myself the work with a friend specializing in partitions. Already well advanced in my head and on paper, I have only 1 question. If you had a contact who knows these topics well it would be great to be able to ask him his opinion. I take any last advice to realize well this studio "box in the box", ground, walls, and ceiling based on mass-spring- mass. Here is the plan and the details of my play and my question, or rather seeking advice, is on the balance of these walls:

    Does the ratio of rockwool vs masses seem balanced? (Or if it would take more mass or on the contrary more rockwool?)

    Note that this apartment is in the basement, no neighbors below or on the sides (left, right, front, behind), but above only and the ceiling height is 2.15 m.

    I will use rockwool 70 kg/m3, and that the heavy mass makes about 5 kg/m2 for 2.5mm, or in 5 mm 7.5 kg/m3, or in 10 mm 10kg/m3.

    ba13 and ba18 are plates of plaster 13 and 18 cm thick.

    (The details concerning the electticity, the light, are regulated, so I do not approach them)

    - Floor : Because of this lack of ceiling height, but also because I have no neighbors below, I intend to do the ground quite simply: 5 mm (minimum) heavy mass on the entire surface floor + floating floor 14 mm = 1.9 cm. I know that my floor should not touch the walls (separation of a few mm) to separate, do not create bridges phonic.

    - Wall A (where there is the door 82 mm/-50dB): ba 13 mm + heavy mass 20 mm (glued to ba13) + wood frame (100 mm depth) + in the frame rockwool 100 mm + empty air 10 mm + ba 18 mm + heavy mass 20 mm + acoustic Ba 13 mm = 19.4 cm (thicker wall because it looks on the rest of the apartment, and not on the load-bearing wall).

    - Wall B (on very thick load-bearing wall): wood frame 100 mm + in the rock wool frame 100 mm + Ba 18 mm + heavy mass 10 mm + ba 13 mm acoustic = 14.1 cm.

    - Wall C: Ba 13 mm + heavy mass 10 mm (glued to ba 13) + wood frame 70 mm + in the frame rockwool 70 mm + ba 18 mm + heavy mass 10 mm + ba 13 mm = 13.4 cm.

    - Wall D (on thick bearing wall which gives on cellars): As wall B.

    - Ceiling: Glue heavy weight to the original ceiling. But before, fixing the acoustics shroud (sustainers) in which we enter the lines (rods) to create a frame to put over the rock wool, and screw to the frame of the heavy mass previously glued to the ba13. Total: 20 or 22 cm.

    (Note that some rubber bands will be used mainly on the ground so that the wood frame does not touch the ground, so to separate, do not create sound bridges between the tiles and the walls. They will be useful in general construction everywhere necessary if it will break any bridge possible phonic between two "hard" materials.)

    Best regards.
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