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Thread: Help with room treatment

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    Help with room treatment

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    Hey all thank you in advance for fielding this question. I have all the dimensions of my room mapped out and need help with where to treat and what treatment should go where? I'm building bass traps out of mineral wool. I have acoustic foam and acoustic blankets for the door and window, but once again I'm unsure about placement. The closet has doors but they can be removed or covered with an acoustic blanket. I'm solely doing vocal recording in the room and beat instruments and the beat production is mostly handled through headphones. Mixing and mastering will be handled elsewhere. screenshot-26-png

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    For just doing vocals, I would not go crazy on treatment. Hang a packing blanket on the wall to the right, stand a few feet out from it, facing into the room and record. Check the recording, what's it sound like? Too much slapback echo? Then treat the far and side walls a little.
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