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Thread: GOBO demo video (not mine!)

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    GOBO demo video (not mine!)

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    Saw this on a Telecaster forum. Now, the room is really large, so not "home" recording typical, and these are pretty beefy panels (double-thickness Safe'n'Sound), but I think it shows pretty well how treatment and its placement can tame a common problem, and do it without a purpose-built vocal booth. (Opinions may vary, of course.)

    Movable Panel (GOBO) - Vocal Booth Test - YouTube
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    Thanks for Sharing! I'm glad the video is getting so many views and interest.

    They are some beefy panels I used a full package of Safe and Sound for each of the wider ~4ft panels and one package to do the narrower ~2ft wide panels. They work well as first reflection panels as well, it's nice to move them around as I track or mix as it is a one room studio.

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