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Thread: down to the studs

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    down to the studs

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    I apologize in advance - and please know that I searched and searched long and hard and I still feel... the irresistible... urge... to... post...

    I have a not-big-enough room in my house reserved for my [single room control/tracking] studio (the political process is complete, and it's all I'm gonna get), and I plan to pull the drywall out of it and start fresh. Keeping things quiet outside the room (and inside - we get airplane flyovers) and having proper treatment inside the room are both goals. It's in a one story addition of the house on a pier & beam foundation with an 8' ceiling and wood floor. No central HVAC now, but we'll be adding that soon. We're planning to raise the ceiling in other parts of the addition for cosmetic purposes, and I'm not sure we'll be able to in this room, but it's on my list of things to try.

    I've got contractors working nearby on other stuff now, and my plan is to rip out the drywall (and get rid of a couple of windows), totally rewire, and fill the space in between the studs with OC703, then put up double drywall, then worry about specifics, including room treatment, after that.

    The room has two internal and two external walls. I'll be replacing the exterior (rotting) wood siding soon, planning to use Hardiplank or some other form of fiber cement.

    I can provide specifics, but my question is general at this point - and hopefully a valid question - does the plan sound dumb or not? If not, can you think of any gotchas at this point, based on the scant amount of info I've provided?

    Also, if you know a good studio construction consultant in Houston, TX who wouldn't be offended with an admittedly small consulting gig, please post or PM me contact info.

    PS - I'm going off to read the book that Ethan recommended (by Rod Gervais) about building a studio...
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