Yeah, I know you've probably seen a couple of posts by me today and if you haven't followed me in the past, you might think that I'm just trolling. I'm not.

I am all for the education and sharing of information. But encouraging DIY design is not constructive. It is, in my very honest opinion, like encouraging bad investments or encouraging a teen to play video games 24/7.
We all do what we do... our music, our passion, our art. If we spend years NOT doing what we are supposed to be doing, we will not get better at what we're supposed to do.

And, let me tell you, it takes YEARS to get through the study, the experience, the failures, the PRACTICE to be able to design a studio space properly. You can NOT DIY the design and especially not by committee.
And for people to say, "Well, this is only my place where I'll be working and I've been doing okay with this. I don't need a multi-million-dollar studio to do my mixes"... I will ask you; How far do you think you would get in a Mastering Group by saying, "It doesn't really matter how tight your mixes are..." or "You don't have to fuss too much over your equipment, I master on my phone just fine..."
See what kind of reaction you get from professionals who ACTUALLY know better.

My point is - As Gandalf said, "Bilbo Baggins! I'm not trying to ROB YOU!... I'm trying to help you." - To save you time and money. To encourage education and interest but to caution against divergence from 'the path' to your individual success.

You guys make records! You make music. You compose amazing soundscapes! All of this takes time, concentration, effort... and LIFE. We are only given 80 years on average (and it's not long, my pretty) in which to do what we can do to make the world a little better than when we found it.

Do you remember the saying "Jack of all, master of none"?
Don't be that guy.

- John