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Thread: DIY Deep-bass trap, high-bass trap (Ethan's) and Safe n Sound

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    DIY Deep-bass trap, high-bass trap (Ethan's) and Safe n Sound

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    So, I'm looking at DIYing my studio. Have been reading TONS on this forum. I more or less think I know what I'm going to do, but do have a question. I've searched on GS and haven't found any threads that speak to this.

    My room is 14.5’ x 15" with a vaulted ceiling going up to a 9’ 3” to peak (111”) on the short wall.

    As a first step I was looking at putting broadband Bass Traps in the corners with 6" on SNS (Safe n Sound). I'm concerned about the SNS pieces being too floppy. I've read comments about them sagging over time and pushing out on the fabric cover, making it look frumpy.

    So, what I was thinking of doing is putting paneling (1/4") over the front of the Bass Traps, as suggested by Ethan Winer HERE. Thought I could put one or two paneled-6"-SNS traps on the back wall as well.

    I "think" those paneled-6"-SNS Bass Traps (I'll call 'em p6sbt's) should be fairly similar to GIK's "Bass Traps with FRT with range limiters," and could be used in a similar manner. Could someone confirm that for me? IDK what GIK uses as a membrane for these, but Ethan suggests 1/4" paneling.

    So I was looking at using my p6sbt's in the corners, floor to ceiling, probably two on each of the rear side walls, and also 3-4 on the rear wall in the back.

    Then I was looking at just making seven 3" SNS panels with maybe a one-inch OC703 panel on the surface by the fabric (so not frumpy, and a little more absorption): three would go on the ceiling above the sound board, and two more on each of the side walls at the front of the room.

    I'd love any feedback as to whether I'm heading in a good direction, and whether that paneling will serve me well (or would it not absorb enough highs?).

    I'm just not sure about whether it'd be too much paneling for the high frequencies. Would these p6sbt's function similarly to GIK's FRT's with range limiters?

    THANK YOU in advance,

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    I'm pretty sure I read that the Winer design with panels is really for larger rooms an is frequency-specific. Yes, S&S will be floppy for you. Consider buying OC703 if that is a concern. If you have the room in the corners construct super chunk traps about 3' wide with the S&S cut in triangles and stacked floor to ceiling.
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    My main worry would be that the 6" corner traps (with or without a panel) would underperform in an essentially square room. You may need much larger traps. So I might consider some variant of super chunks. This is basically what happened to me and I ended up removing my existing 703 panels.

    If you follow Ethan Weiner's thoughts and suggestions, you might as well measure your room with software like REW. I'm almost positive that he would concur. So give it some thought.

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    Thanks, guys. Very helpful. I think you're right about the panels for a room my size. I'll check out the REW software. Many, many thanks.

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