Hi, iím looking for a compact keyboard tray that i can mount on the underside of an overbed table (like the ones they use in hospitals) . Could you please help?

The over bed table is only 16 inches wide and has a big metal rod going across the underside of the table, so the mounting plate needs to fit in a relatively small area (about 8 inches deep)

I also want the tray to have these two functions:

1) the ability to be pushed back out of my way

2) the ability to swivel- so that i can turn it to access it from either side of the table

Iíve seen a lot of trays that have long tracks, but these wouldnít work. Iíve also seen a lot of trays that seem like they would fit but that donít allow for swivel.

Are there any trays that only require a small amount of space on the underside of the table?