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Thread: Best way to setup my home studio

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    Best way to setup my home studio

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    So Iím looking to see which is the best way to go about setting up my studio. I have a MacBook Pro with a Behringer UMC 404 HD audio interface and my gear is Elektron Digitone, Behringer Crave, Arturia Drum Brute Impact, and Arturia Beatstep Pro. I also have an Eventide Timefactor Delay Pedal and Donner VerbSquare for hardware effects. I have a MIDI Thru box from MIDI Solutions. Iím looking to route everything together into my DAW Logic Pro X. Please if someone can help with the best way to go about setting so everything is fluid. Thank You!

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    Other than the pedals, all the devices have USB connectability, so I would just do that. You may need to get a USB hub. Unless the hub messes things up, you should be able to select each as a separate input device in Logic.

    If that doesn't work, you would have to daisy chain them via midi cables and go via the midi input on the UMC404. You only get to see one midi device i Logic this way, so you have to separate the devices by assigning different channels.

    As for the pedals . . . it's probably easiest just to worj with the effects in Logic.

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