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Thread: You Can Change The World

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    You Can Change The World

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    My January song is "You Can Change The World". First song of 2018

    You Can Change The World
    You Can Change The World by Terry Carroll | ReverbNation

    His accidency - they call you
    And your trial has just begun
    It's a long, long way till the end of time
    And some will judge you just for fun
    You have your reasons - your convictions
    Though they may not be the same
    As those who want and fight for your eviction
    It's all just part of the power game

    You can take the power
    And make things right
    You can change the world
    You can take the power
    And fortify the fight
    You can change the world

    The enormity- can break you
    It can kill the strongest man
    It has as you have seen and will again
    And some have wondered why they ran
    In times of trouble and confusing
    They will walk right from the blame
    You lose the truth in their lies and illusions
    It's all just part of the money game.

    No ones ever gonna reach the top
    Just do the best you can and never stop

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    I really like your vocal in the chorus - the doubling. Also, the slide up on the first "You can change the world".

    Failure - - the path of least persistence
    And, uh, oh - hire a decorator to come in here quick, 'cause... DAMN.

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    Like it a lot.
    Begins very Dylan-esq (Bob not Dylan Thomas).
    Then gets a bit Beatle-y. WELL DONE.
    You've got a really good voice, great beat.
    Suggestion: attenuate the drums back about 10% they jump out in front of you.
    I like this song a lot!
    Thank you kindly,

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    Very nice work. The simplicity of the instruments really opens up room for the vocals. In my opinion, I would alter the drum velocity notes, as it sounds too processed (Like how it suddenly changes hats at 2:16). They also need to be lowered in volume, as CamCoding suggested.
    The lyrics are integrated very well in the song, so props!
    Alec Weesner | Video-Game Composer |

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