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    i would die for her
    i love her unconditionally
    she is all of my air
    nothing else matters

    with her i am whole
    a man of big soul
    a muscle man of no end
    the ultimate entertainer

    free man who will fly like a flee
    to follow his every whim
    take a swim
    no problem

    crawl like a worm on hot concrete
    hope the black bird is full
    make it to the edge
    drop off the ledge

    fall fall fall like a feather in the tornado
    enjoy the ride
    enthralled like a giddy girl on her first date
    savour that first taste.

    let it love your tounge
    remember what mamma said
    hold on girl this is going to be hard
    keep your eye on the prize it only gets better after this.

    hard times will come, but a girl like you can own that shit
    i know you. i know you can beat the world like a drum
    make the hard rhythm that riles the deadbeats to hold up a sun dried sign
    saying i will work for food - all that is on you girl - thank you smooch

    my god the freedom i enjoy at your way of doing things
    roast a marshmallow - no problem
    paint the house - love to
    be all you want me too - maybe
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