it's a churn in my mind but maybe not in yours
my whirl goes like a hurricane with throwing stuff
up on the walls that may stick or may slink down
so - tell me - feed me back.
I don't want to hose you - pace - tell me - good!
I am so needy
maybe you want to let it all fly by - ok - this works too

Oh dark orange sky come under a dark blue eye
with gray clouds on the run from white lightning
striking black rock
scared white foam runs to the water while drunk girls flirt with lovers
back to back - a kiss attack - a clutch and
pet for sake of want
the more you reach
the deeper you fall into the warm water of lust
swim now my lovers
back stroke and float
suck tongue till the sun comes
then know the world will love you
love you as new love makes the world worthwhile
sip coffee on the terrace
comb your morning hair
love your plump red lover lips
see a coffee drip
upon your snow white lacey hip