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Thread: I have lyrics to offer and would love a collaboration

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebberman View Post
    the song title needs to be heard in the song, preferably more than once, so that the listener is in no doubt about the title.
    I don't agree with this although it can be helpful much of the time.
    But without sounding trite and predictable, there really are no rules. There are simply so many different kinds of songs that at this point in time, all of our formulas and rules work !

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    grimtraveller - I agree that once you know what you're doing there are no rules except for the ones you make up to suit yourself. This thread is addressing someone who trying to give a poem to a tunesmith as potential lyrics, and needs to start with guidelines. If you read the poem he's offered on page 1, ask yourself Does he need pointers?

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