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Thread: Hideaway (song in progress)

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    Hideaway (song in progress)

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    Hi, i'll preface this and say I have very little technical knowledge when it comes to recording or mixing my music. I use a BOSS BR 80 digital recorder and in this case a guitar track, bass guitar track and vocals. Various effects on each.
    Anyhow, please let me know what you think to the song and if you can offer me any recording advice appropriate to my skill level (not very high ha) it's great to be here

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    not sure if i'd have bass in there, just my opinion. Not bad at all for a beginner. I heard a couple places where your singing was off a tad. Keep at it, maybe let the guitars ring out. When mixing, pan the guitars left and right, and put vocals up the middle. Be careful with effects. Acoustic stuff sounds good raw and dry unless you really know reverb and delay, chorus, etc. I'm still experimenting/learning. Thanks for posting your tune. Also, don't rule out changing the key to fit your voice, instead trying to fit your voice to the chords in the standard position. Get a capo, or tune down, etc.

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