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Thread: Figuring Out Chords

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowman999 View Post

    I love my capo. I never used one till a few years ago.
    I'd been playing bass for 7 years when I decided to learn guitar, mainly because of a cellist I was playing with at the time. Initially, I was Mr "hero-I'm gonna learn every chord in existence" but even "simple" chords like Eb or G# gave me cause for pause ! After 3 or 4 years of increasingly mis~shapen hands, I succumbed to the capo.
    Rarely has succumbing been so magnificent a move !
    One good thing about my capo~less days though; I would throw in chords that sounded right to me even though they may not be the choice of anyone else on earth. Even now, it helps with a certain kooky inventiveness. I remember about 16 years ago, playing with people I'd not previously played with, when they'd hear the chords I used for the songs we'd play, they'd say things like "that's an interesting choice of chord !" Then they'd insist we went on some other journey.
    I don't play guitar for aesthetic reasons or to become brilliant. It is merely a means to an end and to that degree, capos and varispeeding are as important to my recording as breathing is to my living.

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    Well, funny this topic came up. A capo doesn't just have to be for funny chords. I am working on a song, The chord progression is rather straight forward. But when adding the acoustic, I wanted the acoustic not to sit in the same space. Put on the capo and played the same chords, but now the acoustic has its own space and and I can balance the EG with the AG and they don't fight with each other. Plus my acoustic has nice open strings.

    Lots of uses for the capo and I think it is a wonderful piece of equipment. I would also add, it is amazing how you can add a capo, play the same chord pattern and standard tuning and now it is new, but the chord patterns still work. I have used one off and on for many years, but I never really exploited it like I should have.
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    I have a Taylor that is my least favorite for recording,except when I capo it. For some reason it just opens up as soon as I slap a capo on it. Probably something to do with the nut composition but whatever works, I say!
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