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Thread: Convert to MIDI from scanscore

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    Convert to MIDI from scanscore

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    Does anyone know how I would go about converting a score to MIDI from Scanscore?

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    I don't use scan score as I use Sibelius and cubase and use sibelius's version, but I guess the process will be similar. It's frankly a long winded pain in the rear. The software that scans the image gives you some control over the events it scans and then I import it to my score package which gives me some more editing possibilities. Once I've corrected the reading errors, I then export it as a midi file and then I bring that into cubase and spend more time making it sound good, rather than look good. So that's the usual process. Scan it. Repair the reading errors. Make it work visually. Export this as midi and then fix the aural errors. One piece last week of 40 bars of six instruments took two days.
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    As far as I'm aware, the ScanScore software does not know about midi. So this will be no more than step 1 of a longer process.

    ScanScore can read from a score, and can save the data, but it uses the MusicXML data format, which is a very verbose text format. Apart from needing to make the various adjustments noted already, you would then need another application that will allow the import of the MusicXML data, followed by the export of a midi file.

    The application MuseScore I know is capable of importing MusicXML, and saving the data as midi. MuseScore will also allow the editing of the data while it's loaded, via a score display if need be. Other packages may well be able to do the same thing, and it would be a help to find something you're already comfortable with.

    How much adjustment you'll need to do may well depend on the nature/complexity of the music you're working on. You also have the choice as to which stage of the process you make adjustments, again, this will depend on how comfortable you are with the various levels of software. You could amend the MusicXML data (plain text), the intermediate data as imported into the second system, or the midi file as loaded into the final stage.


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