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Thread: An angry song about life in Corporate America - I'm not your man

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    An angry song about life in Corporate America - I'm not your man

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    Here is a song we finished recently. The guitars are all Kemper profiles. I love this thing. Anyhow, I've worked in environments where is was very unwise and self destructive to say what you thought, or express an opinion. It's made me think about hw cool retirement will be when I no longer have to act a certain way to keep the pay checks coming in. Anyhow...Lots of guitars and killer drums from Charlie Morgan.

    Any mix comments?

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    Nice song nice melody and I like the sentiment (I am currently stuck in the exact job you spoke of)
    the only critique I can offer is. It sounds like a country song, so maybe a bit less distortion? The mix sounds great but maybe the lead guitar could be a bit louder

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