Hello all, I'm a returning member. I joined a couple of years ago when I was first getting back into playing and recording music. At the time I had just bought a Focusrite Scarlett studio package and was learning my way around Cubase, and was having a lot of difficulty getting an MPK49 to map to play nice.

Since then, I've shifted gears. I'm now using an iPad with the Focusrite itrack dock and recording into Cubasis 2, and using audiobus to bring in different guitar effects and whatnot.

I've also renovated my basement into a decent studio setup with auralex treatment, invested in some quality microphones and have traded that MPK49 for a Nektar Panorama.

Things are looking up!

I find that Cubasis is a much more direct approach and I'm getting tracks down quickly and easily. For whatever reason, I was always having to reconfigure things on the computer, perhaps because it was a shared family computer and the kids were getting on there and somehow changing settings, I'm not sure.

Anyway, my oldest son now has a laptop and that family computer is rarely used for anything and I'm thinking of reclaiming it.

I still have my copy of Cubase on there, although which version escapes me at the moment - I had upgraded beyond the introductory LE version that the Scarlett 2i2 was packaged with.

I have the USB licensing dongle and I know that the Nektar Panorama maps itself for deep integration with Cubase, so I'm thinking about setting up Cubase again and using it as a way to further polish up recordings that I've done in Cubasis.

I know that there's a software download free from Steinberg that allows cubasis files to be imported into Cubase, I'd like to know if anyone is using this as their workflow.

I love the portability of the iPad with Cubasis, love being able to tweak things or even lay down little MIDI parts at work on a lunch break, but editing on that tiny screen (I have the mini) with my big monkey thumbs is a pain.

Would love to see it on a 24" monitor and use the sliders and transport controls of the Nektar to do my editing.

So, again any feedback on experiences with Cubasis into Cubase would be most helpful, thanks!