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Thread: Sound Skipping Recording on Lavaliere Movo mic using iPhone 5

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    Sound Skipping Recording on Lavaliere Movo mic using iPhone 5

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    I want to record in my car while I drive. Mic is attached to my shirt while the iphone is on the dash or in my pocket. The background noise bad I know, but I want to do it for journal entries as well other uses as well. The problem I'm having is a skipping sound, it sounds like the wind is blowing into the mic, or the mic is pumping against my body. The problem is obvious, it's the car - but i'm wondering if I can get rid of the skipping noise. I've attached a short clip of what I'm talking about.

    My goal is to record voice memos without the skipping sound. Thanks.

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    That recording is clipping and that's why you're experiencing dropouts.
    Basically, there's a maximum level that you can record. Anything above that is just cut flat and sounds awful.
    Some devices have built in protection so rather than hearing the harsh clipping sound, you get drop outs.

    Sure, the background car noise is no good, but it's not what's causing the problem. It looks like the speech level is causing the clipping.

    Short answer - Turn the microphone/input level down and try again.

    For minimising background noise, distance from the mic is your friend. Even getting the mic a few inches closer to your mouth will make a big difference to the background noise, by comparison.

    Hope that helps.
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