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Thread: Which smartphone for recording little ideas?

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    Which smartphone for recording little ideas?

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    Hi. I'm going to buy a new smartphone next week probably. I have a habit of recording
    little ideas on the phone. For more serious recording I use my laptop and a pair of Gefell mics.
    Ideas that I want to keep working on, I re-record on my laptop - so I don't need very high quality
    recordings from the smartphone. Though it'd be nice to record tracks without too much distortion.
    Will be recording guitar (acoustic or electric), piano, and voice. Probably I'll be using 1-4 tracks.

    Alternatives currently considered:

    1) Marshall London (supposedly has decent built-in mics)
    2) Iphone 5s + either Røde iXY stereo microphone, apogee one, or some other cheaper microphones.

    Any opinions on what I should get?

    Have a nice evening.

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    Doesn't need to be expensive.

    I have a Samsung Ace 3, was once € 150 or something like that, got it for € 29 with a contract...

    Does record 'ok' for what it needs to do... If I have a nice melody in my head, I can just record right away and humm or play my acoustic guitar to get the idea on the device. To re-record later, on the computer.

    However, I once recorded the sound of a train, when commuting back home, the engine went: ggggggggggggrrrrr, and brrrrr, vvvvvvvvvv , zzzzzjjjjj

    You can listen that sample here:

    I added some guitars on top, to create some sorth of soundscape.

    Hope you like it ;

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    I just got the iPhone SE and considered the Rode IXY. Which would be overkill for scratch tracks IMHO. But might be a good coincidence pair for acoustic guitar and certain recordings.

    Maybe someone will chime in with some experience with the rode, I assume it should be pretty decent.

    Edit- the shure mv88 looks more interesting
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