After some exhaustive research and no conclusive answer, I've turned here for help. I'm an amateur home recorder looking to incorporate an iPad into the set-up that I am building. Currently I plan on recording both MIDI and real audio (guitar, potentially vocals in the longer term) and would like to do so while utilizing the various apps I use on my iPad. I'd like to be able to also control the apps using my MIDI keyboard, so I guess that requires both MIDI in and MIDI out.

I'd like some advice as to what my best option(s) are. Is there an audio interface that is both iOS compatible and that has multiple MIDI and audio inputs (I haven't been able to find one yet - Alessis IO Dock was my closest bet in terms of what I'm looking for, but I have the new iPad and there seems to be some problems with the lightning connecter)? If not, is there an audio interface that best meets my needs (keep in mind I'm a beginner, so something beginner/intermediate only) and what cables/other devices would I need to have a fully-functional set up where I can record both MIDI and guitar through the iPad into my computer (not simultaneously if that matters).

Thanks in advance!