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Thread: Recording external audio with LG V20's internal video.

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    Recording external audio with LG V20's internal video.

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    I recently purchased an LG V20 android phone for it's video capabilities. Now I would like to add some good external audio. I have a USB mixer (Allen and Heath) and need to know if it is possible to send audio from the mix via USB to the phone? I saw the new Roland Go:Mix but it only has one mic preamp and it seems toy-like. I want to record a high quality stereo mic along with the phone's video. Is that possible or is it just a dream?

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    Hi ed,
    It may be possible; It may not. I don't know enough to answer.

    I can say, though, that I've recorded video with a few cameras and phones, all simultaneously, and audio on a separate device, then synchronised them all in software after the fact.
    That might be an easier way to go?

    If your video phone records audio, as I imagine it does, that makes synchronising very easy.
    Depending on what you want to do, I guess there's a good chance you'll want to do some editing or topping and tailing anyway.
    It's not really an additional inconvenience if that's the case.

    Hope that's useful.
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