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Thread: Questions about my tablet set up

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    Questions about my tablet set up

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    Hey everyone,

    A bit new to the forum, while I understand about the newby threads, I felt this question was more appropriate here. I apologize if I am wrong.

    I recently(well it's been two years, but still feels like yesterday) finished with school(piano performance). I moved back to my hometown, and opened up a studio to teach and play piano. I had got the idea to do a podcast, both as a hobby, and a way to flex some creative out of shape muscles. I like the idea of recording on an iPad, its small, easy to take with me or use at home, and bossjock seemed like a great ap.

    My questions have to do with my equipment:
    iPad Air
    Cad u37 mic
    Sennheiser hd 201 headphones

    I like what I purchased and felt I didn't have to spend much.

    I got the microphone working just find, but I am unable to use the headphones as monitors. I found out that the u37 didn't have that feature. Is there anyway that I can get that to work while using a cad u37?

    On a more general question: is it worth hooking up a digital recorder such as a zoom?

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    You did not mention what you are using as software to record but lets assume it's garage band.

    You want to "monitor" what you're recording and garage band preferences by default sets up your u37 for input and're going to want to change the output to your headphones

    I suppose it is easiest to just have you watch the video below to get an understanding of what you need to do to hear (monitor) what you are recording

    Good luck...OH sure to get or MAKE a POP is your friend

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    Thanks for the video. I started at YouTube, but must have been looking in the wrong direction and missed that video.

    I was going to use the bossjock app

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