Hi guys.

I'm doing some traveling and just bought a Traveler Guitar with a gig bag that conveniently happens to have an iPad Pocket. I use an old 2008 MBP that gets so heavy it defies the term portability and I'm not looking forward to dragging it along with me again. So I'm contemplating getting an iPad but I've never owned one.

I like to play and record guitar. I'm currently using Reaper, S-Gear and Garageband. I realize I'll have to look for an iOS comparable DAW, no problem, and it looks like Positive Grid has some great iOS software for guitar amp modeling.

One thing I am concerned about is screen size. I'm 56 and sometimes my old MBP's 15" (1440x900) screen looks small.


1) Will an iPad Mini suffice or should I get at least and iPad Air?
2) Even though it'll be a much smaller screen than what I'm used to, will a Retinal display make up for it?
3) I'm thinking of getting just a 'basic' iPad for now then perhaps ditching my old MBP altogether for the upcoming new iPad Pro when it comes out, sound reasonable?
4) Thanks!