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Thread: Ipad drum kits...

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    Ipad drum kits...

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    In the Black friday thread I saw a lot of interest in EZ drummer etc...
    I started looking what was available for ipad and stumbled upon this and quite a few more videos of people using the ipad as a portable drum kit pretty cool...

    Drum on

    Sweet child of mine

    Hail to the king he says...using so far the best drum app for iOS, it's called "Drum XD." It lets you customize the kit, and so many other cool features. You can download it here: Drums XD
    also using "Drummerz" sticks by Sticktech. They're awesome, same experience as the real drum sticks. They're powerful, comfy and cheap! You can find them by going to: Drumsticks for DRUMMERZ

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