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Thread: iOS - Simple Studio Video and Live Gig

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    iOS - Simple Studio Video and Live Gig

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    **for the purposes of making the required attachments for folk music festival applications, as well as adding content for fans on social media

    I would like to use my nifty new iPhone XS Max for video, and attach some sort of condenser mic (via the phone's one and only power+audio port).
    Is there a mic that can plug into the iPhone and NOT need another power source?
    For live gig videos, in my mind's eye I am picturing my iPhone in a cradle on top of a tripod with the attached microphone also cradled in a different arm on the same tripod, and all running on the iPhone's battery.
    Will this work?
    What mic do you suggest I use?
    How about those Apogee mics?

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    There are lots of options out there for that kind of recording. Here's the lineup at one vendor:

    iPad/iPhone Microphones | Sweetwater

    Not all of those may work with the phone doing video, so you'll have to do some sifting, but the Apogee is one that is designed to be separate from the phone itself. Not sure what length of cable it can support, so that's the thing I'd be concerned about, though, honestly, if you have a mic on the phone, and can put them both above the crowd on a single stand, it's probably not going to be a lot different from putting them on two stands which are tethered together by a slim cable.

    Not going to be great, but certainly will likely be a big improvement over the built-in mic.
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    in a small room, mid-side or x-y?

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    If you plan on doing any editing before posting the video, why not use a separate audio recorder? It's not that hard to put the audio-only recording together with the phone cam video using the video's audio track as a guide.

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