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Thread: Guitar, GarageBand & iPad

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    Guitar, GarageBand & iPad

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    Hello. I'm new on here.

    I just got an iPad and I want to connect my guitar to it to practice/record with GarageBand. What hardware interfaces can people suggest? I've seen the iRig which looks fairly cheap and effective, and the HD version which looks a bit better.

    Many thanks


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    I can offer advice as to one to skip if you happen to run across one: the analog Peavey LiNK. It works, yes, however, way too often feedback occurs (I'm referring to that weird beeping thing that can happen with speakers and phones in close proximity) Drives me up a wall. On the plus side, the LiNK was only $30 brand new.

    Hopefully, the move to "HD" (translation: all digital) solves that problem. I'd be curious to hear from any HD owners myself (iRig or Peavey)

    Good luck with whatever you choose!

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