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Thread: Connecting a usb or Bluetooth microphone

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    Connecting a usb or Bluetooth microphone

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    Im travelling a lot, mostly on foot and hitch hiking, so I want to essentially have a portable recording studio with the best sound quality possible.
    Would it be possible to connect a mic by Bluetooth to the phone for better recording? I noticed wjen my speaker is connected, my phone uses the mic on that which is better than its own.
    Is this possible to improve quality, or will there be proplblems with size and the speed of the device?
    What kind of mic would be good, I'd like one that I can also connect to a laptop without the need or a mixer, since the weight is a lot. Thanks, I'm pretty new too the whole thing

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    I have just been searching in vain for a Small Diaphragm Capacitor USB microphone since I think the SDC format would be the most flexible choice as well as being compact and light.
    Unfortunately no one seems to make one! All the USB mics I find are either big, side address jobs or attaché to a stand of some sort.

    Ideally you would get a conventional XLR SDC and plug it into a USB interface. The RME Babyface comes to mind but pricey! The Alesis i02 is fairly compact, works very well and cheap enough that IF your bag was snatched you would not cry for long.

    Another option is again a standard SDC mic but with an inline USB converter or cable but the little I have read of such things did not impress.


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    Something like this might be a good solution: RØDE VideoMic Me directional microphone for iPhone & iPad

    There are other brands/models for more or less money depending on where you are and the budget. Probably doesn't solve your laptop query though...but it might be worth trying a short length of 3.5mm M to F cable then into the computer.

    Otherwise, maybe consider not recording on your phone and get something like one of the Zoom recorders--most of them do very good sound and can plug into a computer to either act as an interface or to download recordings.
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