JTM45 2245
1962 Bluesbreaker


I'd like to know if these amps exist in Bias FX/Amp (iPhone Version) or Amplitube (Android Phone) but right now I haven't downloaded any app nor bought any hardware from these brands. The reason i'm asking this is it's been a long time since i've played electric guitar and i want to start playing again and it has become my interest to try these classic marshall amps but obviously can't buy the real thing so bias and amplitube should be the perfect alternative. if not the exact sound, at least it should be close and for the sake of having an idea what these amps sound like.

in case you're wondering why i'm here and should have sent an email to these companies instead, i want an input from those who have actually used these products and the mentioned amps on their virtual versions. also, if these amps are availble in these apps, i'm already assuming that these amps sims are bought separately with the main product.

i've watched some videos of the jtm45 and 1987x already and as for my ears and liking, they sound awesome and i want to do an experiment with some vintage sounding pickups or even modern ones as well (on bias/amplitube version of course) and will continue to watch more demos of the said amps for referrence.

i plan to use a cort G-100 H-H that has mahogany body, maple neck and rosewood fretboard and will install some pickups to test with the amp sims. i've read some reviews of headphones for guitar amplifiers and i noticed that the ATH-M50x from Audio Technica is recommended by most reviews but for the price, it's a bit too much but for the performance maybe i can still consider it but i'm not sure if the same results will be the same because the headphone is plugged in to an actual amp and not to an iRig hardware/amp sim.

for the hardware, i'm eyeing for an iRig Nano Amp (iOS) because of the price, can be used as an amp and versus the iRig 2 that has the same price, i can hook up a cabinet speaker up to 4x12 but can be still used with a headphone if i want to practice quietly and as for the android side, i'll be using an iRig UA together with the headphone or maybe a good sound speaker (under $50) through the headphone input with the use of an aux jack.

i'm not sure if i'm clear enough to be understood with what i want so feel free to suggest any suitable methods or gear for a reasonable price in this kind of route.