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Thread: Best drum/rhythm app for IOS or Mac

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    Best drum/rhythm app for IOS or Mac

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    I'm looking for an easy to use beat/drum app for IOS and Mac to find some rhythms as inspiration for writing to.

    I'm a singer/songwriter/guitarist and not a drummer so I don't find it that easy to program beats/grooves myself. I'm looking for something that is super easy and user friendly to get going with, and has beats which sound like a drummer could have played them. Looking to use it mainly as a songwriting tool.

    Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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    Like you, Iím not particularly good at programming my own beats. Iíve tried many iOS apps (I record to my iPad), and finally settled on Lumbeatís suite of apps.

    I like that I can use a great sounding (recorded in stereo), off the shelf drum track, dial in the tempo, adjust the swing, add fills and even change the drum kit used.

    Iíve used them as the foundation for many song projects, and have got compliments on my drum sounds.

    Rock Drum Machine and Soft Drummer are staples, but Iíve also used Funk Drummer and Mid East Drummer.

    Best of all, Lumbeat told me once Iíd purchased the app I could use the tracks for commercial recordings.

    For the record I am in no way affiliated with the company, just a very satisfied user.

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