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Thread: Analog dinosaur needs iRig/iPhone HELP!!

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    Analog dinosaur needs iRig/iPhone HELP!!

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    I have, literally, NO experience with digital recording.

    I bought an IK iRig HD. I want to use GarageBand, on my iPhone, to record guitar.

    I must REALLY be handicapped, because my internet searches where futile.

    All I want, is to know how, I get started!!

    I open GarageBand
    My guitar is connected to iRig
    iRig LED is Blue
    IRig is connected to iPhone via "lightning"/charge port
    Headphones in appropriate jack
    I open GarageBand
    New Song
    Scroll through "instruments"
    Select the image of an amplifier
    Project opens
    Click the "male cable" image...

    That's where I'm lost...

    I tried all of the switches: monitor on/off and level
    Rec level automatic and manual

    I just want to know how to record a guitar signal through the iRig, into iPhone, headphones into phone as monitors.

    I searched like crazy and concluded that I'm so out of touch, the part I need help with isn't even explained.

    Someone please help.

    I have played, recorded, and toured with some great bands and am proud of my accomplishments from years of hard work....

    Anything technical, though? I am so ignorant, it borders a syndrome.

    I need someone to explain this to me as if I where a 5 year old.

    While your at it, bring on the jokes and teasing, my wife did for 10 minutes. Haha

    I seriously have no idea what I'm doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OuroborosJR View Post
    Analog dinosaur needs iRig/iPhone HELP!!
    For shame...for shame...
    There's an analog forum around the corner FROM here when you get done playing around with your iPhone.

    Quote Originally Posted by OuroborosJR View Post
    I want to use GarageBand, on my iPhone, to record guitar.
    Seriously really want to use the iPhone rather than a computer setup for digital recording...or that's your only option...?

    I don't record with any I can't help you with that, but I do record using digital technology with a full computer DAW setup...and I also record using dinosaur analog/tape technologies.
    To me...recording seriously with any of the iStuff is like wanting to race at Indy with a Toyota Camry. you'll make it around the track, and you'll drive as fast as you can in the Camry...but it just ain't real Indy racing.
    Of course...seems like some folks like the challenge OF that kind of "racing"...and that kind of recording.

    However...In case you feel that because you are an analog dinosaur you now must opt for the most modern, "gadgety" way of recording, but you would prefer doing things more I said there are other options both digital and dinosaur analog.

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    I'm "iRecording" ;-) with a phone because it's all I have right now.

    I'm getting a MacBook soon enough but want to use my iPhone/iRig till then.

    I just want to know how to get started with GarageBand/iPhone/iRig.

    I'm diving into digital/home recording because this is the first time I haven't had a band, so, I want to be able to record a song with me playing all of the instruments.

    all of my rec studio experiences, I've only focused on my tone and performance. Never the process.

    The only "hands-on" I've had with recording was with a cassette multi-track and the mixing process with an engineer at the helm of the board.

    I want to excel as much as possible with digital/home recording by learning step-by-step... Don't get me wrong though, if it's worth it, I take finished songs to "Electrical Audio" in Chicago.

    Who knows, maybe down the line, if I get good enough at DIY recording I can peruse something larger.

    P.s. I enjoy working with the shittiest worst equipment you can find and getting it to sound good.

    I believe all gear/setups can be useful or usable

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